v i s u a l   a r t i s t 


Baboushka (2013) -  Video  4'03''


Baboushka is a documentary video work made in 2013, before my moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Through some kind of emptyness, the thoughts are told with images that remain almost static with a voiceover, The song ( 2'38'') is poem of Alexander Pushkin, 


In the torture of hopeless melancholy, 
In the bustle of the world's noisy hours, 
That voice rang out so tenderly, 
I dreamed of that lovely face of yours.

Then to my soul an awakening came, 
And there again your face appeared, 
Like a vision, fleeting, momentary, 
Like a spirit of the purest beauty.

Voiceover subtitiles coming soon.


Photography: Dan Robert Lahiani - Snapshot from babouska (2013)

Directed and filmed by Dan Robert Lahiani

© 2015 By Dan Robert Lahiani