Dan Robert Lahiani and Yoanna Blikman are both artists born in Paris in the late 1980s. They met in Yafo (Israel), in 2012, and are currently based in Jerusalem.

As Lahiani was still working as an engineer, Blikman was a performer/dancer and photographer, juggling between mouvement school, day jobs and her art. She encouraged Lahiani getting more involved into his approach in video art, and they eventually moved to Jerusalem together, to study in Academies. The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and The Jerusalem Academy of Dance and Music.

Lahiani and Blikman influence one another and are often involved in their respective creations. As a video artist and cinematographer, Lahiani created several video pieces and experimental films in which Blikman was an active performer, bringing Lahiani a powerful tool of expression. The artistic complicity they both share led to pieces confronting several mediums.

List of works involving Dan R. Lahiani and Yoanna Blikman

2015: Jeu Claques, video instalation

Created by Dan R. Lahiani

Performance: Yoanna Blikman + Dan R. Lahiani

2016: Kung Fu , live video performance 

Created by Yoanna Blikman + Dan R. Lahiani

2016: Body Montage, video performance

Created by Yoanna Blikman

Video footage inside : Yoanna Blikman + Dan R.Lahiani

2016: The Orphan's Gifts, Experimental Film

Created by Dan. R Lahiani

Assistant Directing: Yoanna Blikman

2016: Haïku, Experimental Film (work in progress)

Created by Dan. R Lahiani

Performer: Yoanna Blikman

2017: The Orphan's Gifts (1957-2017), Experimental Film

Created by Dan R. Lahiani

Performer: Yoanna Blikman

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