Jeu Claques

Video  8'37''



Jeu Claques explores the hidden mechanisms within a couple through the intense performance of two actors. An endless number of slaps are exchanged, as the roles are inverted from active to passive, dominant and submissive. The coupling of sound and image points to the co-ordination, tension and unpredictability of a relation between two individuals.

Projections - Festival - Exhibitions
  • Fonlad, Museum de Água, Coimbra, Portugal,2017  

  • Columbus Film & Video Festival,  Finalist, Ohio, U.S, 2017

  • Nikolaj Kunsthal, Fokus Festival, Finalist, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017

  • Current New Media, Sante Fe, New Mexico, U.S, 2017

  • Gallery Beita, Curated by Sharon Balaban, Jerusalem, Israel, 2017

  • Art Video International Festival, Official Selection, Jerusalem, Israel, 2016

  • Housatonic Museum of Art  - Fragments - Curated by Crystal Heiden, Bridgeport, U.S, 2016

  • Gallery Beit Hansen, Jerusalem,Curated by Maya Yavin, 2015


"Whether it’s the flies I whisk away or you I beat to the ground, it’s no matter. Your violence has become our common pulse, my violence, your violence, our rhythm. Listen, this is the applause for beating you to the ground. You beat me to the ground." Kristina Stoltz

Exhibition Beit Hansen, Jerusalem (2015)

   Currated by Maya Yavin and Adi Ornaï

Directed by Dan R. Lahiani - Performed by Yoanna Blikman & Dan R. Lahiani

© 2015 By Dan Robert Lahiani