Le Grand Tour

(2015) -  Video Installation  9'32''


Le Grand Tour  is a mini-opera without words which portrays an ultra-orthodox man who longs to be on the track but find himself confined to the sidelines. The work is inspired by Waiting for Godot of Samuel Beckett and the 'exposure of the performance' theme in Kafka's novel Un Jeûneur.


The piece was screened at the Beit Hansen gallery in Jerusalem for one of the Bezalel Academy of Art Design Exhibitions curated by Maya Yavin and Adi Ornaï. 


Directed and filmed by Dan R. Lahiani and Sara Laimon.

Featuring Dov Laimon, Guy Fahi, Or Shapira, Ignat and Dan R. Lahiani

Photography: Sara Laimon & Dan R. Lahiani - Snapshot from Le Grand Tour

Directed by Dan Robert Lahiani and Sara Laimon

© 2015 By Dan Robert Lahiani