The Orphan's Gifts (2017)

Video  29'30''



The Orphan’s Gifts (2017) confronts the structure of French language with the discovery of the modern tower of Jerusalem: Migdal Ha-ïr.  

The traumatic journey of a child during the Algerian War will make both entities transcend to a sacred level, through body movements, words, and introspective testimonies.

Projections - Festival - Exhibitions
  • Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, 2017


Director: Dan Robert Lahiani

Cinematographer: Dan Robert Lahiani

Actress: Avril Bénard

Performance: Yoanna Blikman

Editing: Dan Robert Lahiani

Text: Dan Robert Lahiani, R. Kron, from Le Petit Parisien

Guidance: Sharon Balaban, Efrat Shalem, Maya Zack

Sound: Dan Robert Lahiani

Participation: Dan Eytan, Maurice Lahiani, Huguette Lahiani, Pauline Frémaux

Set Up View - Gallery 

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