South Heroines

Video  9'46''


South heroïnes is a documentary video featuring Netta Levit, a young student in philosophy and theater, meeting with Sima, a wanderer woman, from the south of Tel Aviv. The unexpected encounter will lead Netta to ask Sima her fundamental questions about life, and will make the director abandon his camera for the illusionnary sake of equity. 

While the interaction carries on, the video which started with one character, continues with three including the director which briefly appears in a uncomfortable position. The beauty of Sima and Netta with the perpetual questionning of ethics in filming made this short encounter trembling and its documentation hang by a thread.

Photography: Dan Robert Lahiani - Snapshot from south heroines - 2014

Directed by Dan R. Lahiani - South Heroines (2014) -  Video 9'46'' -  Netta Levit, Sima

© 2015 By Dan Robert Lahiani