The Orphan's Gifts: Maison, Musée

Video  24'57''



A young man experiences childhood memories through his body. The performance, filmed in a familiar but cold space, brings into play the ambiguity between a home and a museum.As he reenacts the body language of him as child, the use of physical movements of blinds eventually transforms the home into an apparatus and brings forth a reflection about the relation between “subject” and “object”.

Projections - Festival - Exhibitions
  • BLOWUP ArtHouse Film Festival, Chicago, U.S, 2017

    Mana Contemporary Chicago, Chicago, U.S, 2017

  • Bideoromo International Film and Video Festival, Bilbao, Spain, 2017

  • Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, 2017

  • Short Stop International Film Festival, Lasi, Roumania, 2017

  • L.A Underground Film Forum, Los Angeles, U.S, 2016


Director: Dan Robert Lahiani

Cinematographer: Dan Robert Lahiani

Performance: Angela Shteingart, Dan Robert Lahiani

Set Up View - Gallery 

Sound: Max Bloching

Assistant Director: Yoanna Blikman

Vocal Performance: Angela Shteingart

Guidance: Chen Sheinberg, Maya Zack

© 2015 By Dan Robert Lahiani